Your BNI Hour

A few years ago one of my very friendly chapter members had given me a number of referrals, and, even more, had done a number of jobs for me free of charge. His work was brilliant and he was very kind, but I felt guilty as I hadn’t given him any referrals in return. He… Continue reading Your BNI Hour

3,000 contacts (if not more)!

When you really think about it, most of us don’t go networking, just to go networking; in truth we go for more business (new customers). Now there are many types of networking, from simple coffee meetings, to monthly, fortnightly and weekly, meeting groups. Some of these are totally ‘free going’, with others that have more… Continue reading 3,000 contacts (if not more)!

You don’t know who they know!

You don’t know who they know! Networking is often considered that you do as much as you can and meet as many people as you can. That it doesn’t matter if you are just networking in Surrey or all over the world. Just meet lots of people. That’s what’s best. Networking in Surrey Well, that… Continue reading You don’t know who they know!

Having to give referrals!

You may have heard that if you don’t give referrals you can get into big trouble with BNI and it has put you off networking in Surrey with them. Networking in Surrey Well first of all I would like to reassure you that you don’t get into any problems if you don’t give many referrals.… Continue reading Having to give referrals!

Are you looking for more business?

If your answer is ‘Yes, of course’ then business networking in Surrey could help you significantly. Networking in Surrey And if you are looking for new, more, better business, then Surrey BNI could be just what you need, as they have really helped an incredible number of business people over the years. In fact, this… Continue reading Are you looking for more business?

Practice makes Perfect – wrong!

I expect that you have heard of, even read, Malcolm Gladwell’s book the ‘Outliers’ from 2008. He wrote that “ten thousand hours is the magic number of greatness.” The meaning behind this, in theory, is simple. To be considered the best and truly experienced within a certain skill you must practise it for ten thousand hours. 10,000… Continue reading Practice makes Perfect – wrong!

Could you please recommend me a good DVD?

I asked this question some time ago having listened to an old workshop on a CD in my car. My car, an RX8, is rather great as it has a CD player that can hold six CDs; I never have a boring drive. I can go from business workshops, to books, to Fleetwood Mac, and… Continue reading Could you please recommend me a good DVD?

Invite just two people!

Growing a BNI chapter is the most important thing to do for a truly successful BNI membership but is often something that some members don’t think about and in some cases haven’t even tried to do. Now just in case you are thinking, referrals are the most important, please trust me here, they are not… Continue reading Invite just two people!

Testimonials beside the road!

Good testimonials received can be great for your business but the important part is giving them in the first place; because obviously you can’t give yourself testimonials. Great BNI Testimonials So, it’s about how to write a very useful testimonial, and also how good testimonials can be asked for (covering the things that you would… Continue reading Testimonials beside the road!